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Congratulations from Sundarbans Best Tourism. Now you can book your cheapest Sundarbans Travel Package with us with some easy steps for Sundarbans Travel. Our Sundarbans Tour Package is best for everyone because we make packages within your budget and provide the best Sundarbans Travel to all tourists. We have created many types of Sundarbans tour packages to make your Sundarbans travel plan a reality. This is why we personally contact you before starting the tour and try to understand you as much as possible .Your Sundarbans trip from Kolkata is now our responsibility. The Sundarbans is one of the best tourist destinations in India. Follow our Sundarbans packages for more details and make a proper plan for a trip to the Sundarbans with your family and friends. So that you can make your Sundarbans travel experience memorable.

Sundarban Trip Package

₹ 2499 / person

₹ 2899 / Person

One Day Tour
6 AM to 9 PM, Pick up & Drop to Kolkata. Boat Safari, Launch, Sightseeing
₹ 3899 / Person

₹ 4200 / Person

1 Night 2 Days
1 night 2 days in Mangrove, stay at resort, Pick up & Drop to Kolkata, 
₹ 5199 / Person

₹ 5500 / Person

2 Night 3 Days
2 night 3 days in Boat Safari, Jungle Safari, Pick & Drop to Kolkata
PIC (31)
₹ 5999 / Person

₹ 6200 / Person

2 Night 3 Days SPECIAL
2 night 3 days SPECIAL Jungle Safari, Pick up & Drop to Kolkata,Sudhyanyakhali 

About Sundarban

Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world, Sundarban only mangrove tiger land in the globe. Total sundarban area 25500 sq.. kilometer , sundarban biggest part on the Bangladesh and small part in Indian site 9630 sq… kilometer. Many are made up of islands, The river around . The Sundarban is very remote human area. The most violent royal Bengal tiger in the world are available in this forest, And yet more wild animals such as Spotted Deer, wildcat, wild boar, Leopard cat, Snake, Crocodile, Deer, Different birds etc. Some people earn livelihood on the Sundarban for example Honey collection, fish and crabs collection etc. And for this livelihood people are killed by the tiger. The Sundarbans have been mysterious since the creation of the present day and there are and there will b

Explore Sundarban Top Animals

Sundarban Deer
Royal Bengal Tiger
Daredevil Crocodile
Beautiful Stork birds

Great Holiday

Are you planning on your next trip? So contact us without delay, and enjoy the beautiful beauty of Sundarbans at very low cost, Sundarbans travel with us is a wonderful experience for you, the journey of satisfying customers and taking care of them has started since 2015, Sundarbans Travel is our customer What makes it a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for them. There will be many ways to make a sundarban tour. First, you should be fixed a base point. I think KOLKATA is the right place to keep as a Basepoint for you if you belong to another city or state. You can reach at Kolkata by air, Train or Bus. You can choose our sundarban tour package for your hessel free Sundarban tour.Enjoy your Sundarbans travel plan by contacting us in a Sundarbans way.

Some information about Sundarbans  (before visiting Sundarbans)

  •  The Sundarbans is a tourist destination full of natural  beauty.Which can change your mind instantly
  • In the Sundarbans you can see different species of wildlife, such as deer, monkeys, eagles, different species of birds, snakes, wild cats and many more.
  • Winter evening snacks are accompanied by a culture program and a campfire that will give your mind a different feeling. In addition, the open morning breeze relaxes your body like never before.
  • A trip to the Sundarbans can be a great boat trip experience. On a boat trip you will see a variety of animals with the beauty of the Sundarbans. If you are lucky you will see the Royal Bengal Tiger.
  • There will be three watch towers Sajanekhali, Sudhanya Khali, Doba Ki. From these towers you can see far and wide beautiful forest .
  • ATMs are not available in the sundarban area. Therefore you will take sufficient money as per your need from GOSOBA or your nearest availability area. 
Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
Comfortable Boat
Comfortable Boat Room
Boat Dining
Boat Toilet
Comfortable Car
Comfortable Bus

Why choose us

Sundarbans Best Tourism is a local trusted travel agency. Sundarbans Best Tourism, the only branch of the Sundarbans area, provides tourist security. The benefits we offer within a budget that you can afford are beyond the reach of any other tour operator First we arrange modern comfortable boats for travelers. For safety reasons, I do not travel by boat with extra tourists We have a tour manager on every tour who knows about each of the Sundarbans tourist spots. Provides pickup and drop off on AC-NonAC vehicles from Kolkata. We provide our guests with both AC and non-AC accommodation and love to serve delicious local food that will appeal to you. In this way we try to provide good service to all our tourists. We sincerely congratulate those who want to come to Sundarbans through Sundarbans Best Tourism. Let’s enjoy Sundarbans tour


Boat Safari

Wildlife View

Local Folk Dance

Camp Fire

Our best services

Generally we provide standard accomodation to all of our guests.
We follow privacy policy strictly. All visitors privacy will be safe here
Local food menu is preferable by us. We serve as per our guests’ needs
provide transport facilities by ac and non-ac vehicle .houseboat
Tourists’s safety is our first priority during their journey and visit.
We assure our visitors to cover all most 100% sight seen as per our best caliberity
We manage to call doctor on our visitors’s need
We try to provide 24 X 7 electricity to our visitors.

Boat Safari

The only way to make this tours is by boat safari, this is a very pleasant trip for our travelers. Through this Sundarban boat safari you will be able to see the natural beauty that fascinates you, and the wind full of this natural beauty will keep your healthy and fresh body. Through this Sundarban boat tour the tourist can take the best photos. The boat safari will give you the opportunity to see the wildlife of the Sundarban forest. The boat has enough food and drinking water so that tourists do not have any problems

Wildlife View

Thousands of tourists visit the Sundarbans to see the wildlife .The Sundarbans is a very interesting tourist destination for wildlife observation .Different species of birds, snakes, deer, pigs and crocodiles can be seen in the Sundarbans .If you are lucky you can meet the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger .One of the best memorable wildlife sightings for tourists is the Sundarbans tour.

Local Folk Dance

The local folk dance is a tradition that has been going on since time immemorial, which makes our Sundarban tourists very attractive. The tourists are very happy through this folk dance, and it is a memorable time for every tourist. Some indigenous women play the role of this folk dance. If the tourists come to visit the tours, and they don’t see this local folk dance, then they will miss a big part of the tour packages.

Camp Fire

Sundarban is a place of adventure. People come here with their family and friends to enjoy and have a good time. At night, if the campfire is lit, it’s a good thing for everyone to enjoy. The campfire is a thing to remember for a long time. Sundarban is the best for this. The stories, songs and joys are worth remembering.